Thursday, February 16, 2012

3D heart pop up card for you, babe!

This valentine I feel a little disappointed, since my boyfriend is studying abroad (he's living in Singapore now), so I can't spent my valnite with him.
But I can't forget to give him some sweet things for his valentine, and finally I choose a 3D heart pop up card as gift.
This is my first handmade pop up card for him:

 I got this idea and purchased it from Creative Pop Up Card.

 Is it sweet enough? Or not?

and let me introduce him, this is Lui and me

As I said, I will post my valnite outfit, here they are:

I wear dark brown tank and hot pink asymmetrical skirt from Square Box Shop.
Strawberry fondue for my valentine :)
Oh yes, finally I found an asymmetrical skirt!

Let's jump! :D

I took a pict before my friends picked me to have the dinner :)

I carried this little bag with me during valnite dinner, as I said before, this things came from my mom's closet.


  1. got that hot skirt!!!
    Me super want! wahahahha
    looks pretty in it!

    1. super want? then go and buy one! let's we rock with maxi skirt :D

  2. aaa super love your skirt.
    where did you buy it?

    1. hahahaha, yeah finally I found it with super affordable price.
      I bought it from Square box shop, you can search it on fb or I already tag a link up there in my post :DD

  3. hi sweetie, i really love your skirt!
    hi dear, i tag you on my new blog post. lets check it out dear!

  4. love the colourr!!!!
    shoes lover?? mee toooo
    kyaaaaaaaaaaa im following youuu noww!!

  5. Your gold rose ring was kust like mine!
    but I lost it somewhere in my crib
    Thanks for following anw!


  6. That's really beauty but I don't know how to do the card, Could you help me?
    I need it ;)

  7. PLease, PLease PLease.. Can you send me templates for the valentines card... i really wanto to do this for my beloved girlfriend....

  8. hi, sorry for disturbing, can u send me the template of ur awsome valentines card?

  9. hi there , the card is so amazing, can u send me the templates? ><
    thanks so much ya.