Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another pieces of Jefri Ang's masterpiece

Sigh! Today in my first day in campus after a long holidays. Must go back into my university life, gonna be a little busy this week. Hope I can have time to open my blog every day if I have time :)

So, last Friday, on 10th February, my new best friend Jefri Ang asked me again to wear his another masterpiece and have some photos snap. And this is the result of the shots:

This little red dress is the very first dress that he made.
What I like most in this dress is the collar with the bow tie :)

Jefri made this dress at his age 16th (it was about on 2009!)

 He is very talented, right?

This is my friend, Debbie, wearing Jefri Ang's black and red retro dress.

He made a black vest with red lace on the neck, then combine it with black skirt and red tutu details inside, so nice combination!

 Debbie was wearing my lovely babies, the black boots B)

By the way, tomorrow is Valentine day, I'm planning to have a simple dinner with my senior high classmate (since my boyfriend is not studying in my town, then I plan to have my valnight with my friends).
Can't wait for the dinner tomorrow, and of course, I've prepare my outfit too.
I promise I'll post my outfit soon, and my photos with my senior high classmate.
How about yours? Have you plan to go somewhere with your boyfriend or besties?
Have a sweet Valentine's day everyone! :)


  1. Thank you for your comment darling!

    Great blog! I follow!


    Linda from www.moonon.com

    1. Thanks a lot Linda, I really appreciate it! <3

  2. Beautiful pics!

    Have a nice Valentine's day too! :)

  3. hi sweetie,
    lovely dress! he is such a great designer! your friend's dress is amazing too but my favorite is the red dress you wear.xoxo

  4. lovely pictures <3 and happy valentine's day!