Thursday, February 9, 2012

Galaxy Bomb!

I often see this Galaxy Print booming on LOOKBOOK on late 2011 but I don't have this blog at that time. I took a bath this afternoon and suddenly remembered that I haven't share about this fashion items to you (I often think about everything when I take a bath).
So now I have time to write a little about it. This print gonna be so adorable for sure :)
Let's jump to the pictures:

Some of Galaxy Printed dresses 

Galaxy print legging

Galaxy wedges ankle boot (I want this sooo bad!)

 And of course they are Jeffrey Campbell's Lita, I think they are really hot, no?

photo credit |
I found this stunning dress on Romwe

So, what do you think about this items?
Hit or miss?


  1. aihhh..i constantly dreaming bout that Lita series too! and the last dress from Romwe is fabulous!

    1. hei beka tadi you kenapa gak jadi ikut foto you? jadie aku foto sama debbie tadi, ntik klu aku udah post hasil foto2e komeni ya kurang apa, hahahahaha :D

  2. hm just send your bbm/contact to my email for the further chat ;p
    btw i am one of nebula fan, i loved cosmic since i was a kid. and have one of galaxy legging to but really want these legging from blackmilk clothing :( anyway my friend also sel JC lita nebula if you want just text me :)

  3. yepp..ndada yg anter dear~ mana fotoe? show me the link!! I got new baby this evening! hahhahha

    1. dapet bayi apa lagi kamu? habis jalan2 kemana jeng? liat2!
      fotoe masi di laptop belum edit, sabar ya, believe me they'll be very stunning!

    2. ahhh envyyyyy!! me want photoshoot too! eh..sbt mw k nyutos jm 6..ikt?

    3. aku sabtu di sutos kok, tapi sm temen sinlui, ntik tak ampiri bentar, ikut foto, hahahaha! see you there :D

  4. Those prints are gorgeous in an other worldly sort of way.