Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lemon and Lime

Sometimes when I have an empty time at home, I usually look into my mom's closet and search some items. My mom loves fashion too, and she often keep old clothes in her closet.

So, yesterday I dug my mom's closet and found this little things:

 Ahhh this photo is miss focus, but I like the pose :p
 I called her Lemon and Lime shirt.

Just tell the truth that my mom loves to buy material clothes then goes to her tailor to make new items, so this Lemon and Lime shirt is one of her masterpiece :)
Shirt and short: Mom's closet
Shoes: Charles and Keith

 This look like so oldish, hmm? I feel a little bit weird with the short, maybe it's too old for nowadays design?

Uuuppss, miss focus again!


  1. such a cute top ♥

  2. love the top!
    i wish my mom were like ur mom, keeping her old clothes :(

    dots and shorts

  3. love the top and ur earrings compliment the dress beautifully :)

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  4. nice top,im having hnm versace giveaway come join?

  5. hi sweetie,
    awww you look so pretty. and really, your mom has a good sense of fashion! i really love that lemon and lime shirt, and you paired well with those adorable short! love the way you tucked it into the shorts and add a belt to give the feminine touch to the whole outfit! and those adorable heels are really to die for. you are definitely so pretty!