Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Must have items in Spring 2012: TRIBAL PRINT

Many fashion lovers know that print is booming nowdays. Leopard, snake, zebra print, etc.
But this stuff are sooo hot too! They are gonna be the must have item in 2012.
So, don't delay to buy a piece of them to stay stylish and fashionable!

I think a FRINGE tops also hot this year, go and get some!

Fringe Black minidress

So, get your bright fashion items now and dare to wear them!
Don't forget to get something printed and fringe also :)


  1. yes dear, i loove fringe soo much! i have a plan to buy a fringe bag this week!

    1. can't wait to see your look with your new bag then! ;))

  2. Hi Wulan! Thanks for your comment. I bought it in Beijing, it's Lita look a like :)