Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Strawberry Fondue for my Valentine

Actually today is 15th, but not too late to say happy valentine right?
As I promise in my older post, I will post how was my valentine dinner and how was my outfit.
So, yesterday about 6 p.m my friend picked me up to go to Boncafe (one of steak restaurant in my town).
This friends are my 2 years classmates when I was studying in St. Louis 1 (Sinlui 1) Senior High School, and we were in Science 2 class (we often called it Adua).

 Let me introduce you, my best classmate ever from left: Gillian, me, Prisky, Ity, and Susan :)

We took some random snaps while we were waiting for another member of Adua, we are starving and they were late!

This is me and Prisky 

This is Cheve and Gillian 

me and Prisky again! 

Me and Gillian 

And here is the ladies:

From left: Ity, Susan, Gillian, Cheve, Sonya, Prisky, me, and Ericka

And here is the boys: 

This is ours, Science 2 class of 2009-2011  Actually my classmate is 38 people, but some of them have studying abroad or have something to do so they can't join with us.

 This is Gillian and Prisky

 And this is my little bag, from my mom's closet of course :p

Oh yes, I will post my outfit clearly in the next post, because I feel this post already too long and too many photos, hahaha :D
sssttt, I will show you in rhe next post what's my gift for my boyfriend too, see ya! :)


  1. Nice post! ^^ Seems fun there. Can't wait to read your next post :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. nice skirt ♥

  3. that's a super cute mini bag ! <3

    btw you can join my valentine giveaway here;)
    Journal J

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