Thursday, March 22, 2012

Decimal Shoes Giveaway

Decimal shoes is having giveaway!
Rp. 500.000 voucher / USD$50 to buy their shoes.

I just fall in love with this shoes from Decimal:

FANNY from Decimal Shoes

A unique design and stunning colours shoes, they really answer my needed :D
You can made by order your own dream shoes too or join their giveaway like me.
check here for their giveaway details.
If you wondering their shoes are comfy or not to wear, don't worry, I have my first pair of Decimal product named Mayo:

I tried to walk with this babies all days and they are so comfortable to wear yet in affordable price, so I joined their giveaway to have another pairs of Decimal Shoes.
You can also read my post about their product while I'm wearing them here and here.

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