Friday, March 9, 2012

Design Festival 2012 // D'fest 2012 (Closing Ceremony Part II)

This is the continuous about the previous post, still about my very first homely runway at my college ;)
Here we go:

And yes, that's me! The shortest model of the world :|
I wore Jefri Ang's tinker bell dress, collaborated with Anne Veronica as team partner to do my costume.
Boots are my old babies from Elle :)

See? As I said, I'm the shortest model of the world :|

But I still very thanks to God, my team won the second place in the first homely runway! *dancing dancing*

My team and the first winner team :)

And this are just for fun snaps after the show:

 This is me with Anne Veronica and Jefri Ang

 Super me time! :D
Can't keep my face in straight face anymore, I just want to smile, laugh and be fun!

 Me with Jefri Ang and Andrew Wirapratama as my best photographer :)


This is the drawing and the real object, a little bit different, eh? :p

All photos were taken by Andrew Wirapratama and Anne Veronica.


  1. very lovee your costume! your costume remind me to naruto (i don't know why)

    you look great :)

    1. thank yoouu Fenny! :D
      hahahahaha, really? why naruto :|

  2. Seems so fun festival!
    congrats you won the second place! :)

    visit my blog: