Saturday, March 3, 2012

Design Festival 2012 // D'fest 2012

Oh God it's Friday!
yep, that's my quotes for every friday because I must be soooo busy every this day.
but this friday I have a little special event in my college, it called Design Festival 2012!
D'fest 2012 held many design competition, like custom shoes, wall painting, posters design, and the last is fashion runway!
It held routine once a year by the design faculty, and this year custom shoes's theme is Fauna of Indonesia.
They allowed students from all faculty who studied in my college and senior high school students to join this competition.
So today is the day for custom shoes competition, and I have some snaps about it, let me see you this:

And here are the shoes:

Btw, weekend is coming, have you prepare for your outfit tomorrow?
Have a nice weekend friends! :)

Sorry about the broken image (there are some annoying lines in the picture), all photos are very normal in my computer, but after I upload them, the lines appear!
I try to upload it again, but the result still the same, what's wrong with blogspot? :(


  1. is it competition held in ukp? that was so interesting.. unlike my school wkkakkaa
    anw, followed lan... by bloglovin too..

    Neon Attract

    1. yup, and there's fashion runway for my weekend (today) in Ukp, so excited about it :D
      thank yooouuu for following me, miss you de! :*

  2. thanks for the sweet comment!
    following you now :)