Monday, March 19, 2012

Ka(Tie) on Sunday

Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to do some snaps.
Yep, arrived home from church, before hanging out with some college friends to Pasar Atom, I did snaps.
As usual, my little sister is the one who always be behind the scene of my photos :p
Today's menu is about vintage and lil' bit nerdy, here we go:

They are my super old babies, a gift from my cousin, but I rarely use them.
Today I feel like they Shout from their box said that they want to hang out with me and do some photo shoot, so okay I took them, and give them some photo shoot. :)

I'm so in Love with their colour and details, see? They have round tube heels and hole-hearted on their fringe 

red tie - brother's stuff
denim sleeveless top - mom's old stuff
black high waist short - mom's old stuff
round tube hole-hearted shoes in tosca - Katie Judith 


  1. lovely outfit and cute poses, I like :)

  2. SUch an adorable preppy look! (:

    Check out & follow? (:

  3. so it turned out that you're from sinlui too, huh? LOL <3

  4. Adorable!!!!
    I follow you with Bloglovin too!
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  5. cute.. :)