Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ready in Red

Feeling free on Sunday, just quick three snaps about my outfit after church, before hanging out with my senior high friends :)
My weekend yesterday was full of happiness, but I can't post it now because the photos haven't arrive yet (still in my photographer camera), promise will post about it soon after I get the photos ♥

They are my new babies :p
Mayo glossy new red from Decimal, very comfortable to walk all day, and of course in affordable price, really worth to die for, try have pairs of Decimal shoes! And for fashion blogger, they have special discount if you put their banner on your blog page.

Dark purple shirt sleeveless from my mom's old stuff
unbranded Leopard legging
Mayo custom in new red from DecimalShoes


  1. love your leggings and your shoes ♥

  2. very fashionable look and unique fashionista blog !
    i love this =)
    please visit & follow mine too if you like it too..
    hope we can be friend in fashion world.. =D

  3. love your boots!

  4. Oh my goodness, you always have the nicest shoes! Haha :)

    You look very nice with the animal print leggings as well!