Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blue Punch

Sunday is always the best day to take outfit photos, of course because of more free time than on working days.
Yap, actually I took this snaps on last Sunday, but I have no time until I post it today.
Wearing this outfit to church, lil bit lazy to dressed up, just randomly took a comfortable cloth and paired it with my new babies :)

 Okay, I ever told you that my dog is super nippy, besides, he also likes acting weird.
See? He pairs face with a dramatic eyes and stayed there until my sister a.k.a the photographer clicked the camera.
Actually he acts many pose and didn't want to move until I carried him out *sigh!

Dormeuil England - Leather black rompers
purple mini dress - Pink Label
electric blue shoes - Victoria London

You can hype my look on here
and wow my look on WhatIWear here

So they are my new babies, a gift from my Bf, because he bought me wrong size before, then he replace them with the new ones. Thanks to you, dude! :D


  1. love your shoes♥♥ what a perfect color :)

  2. Cute dress dear and love the shoes :)

  3. so so lazy taking pics hiksTT
    film e film pendek pol lann..hahahhaa..liak o vid e..ahhahaa

  4. Im in love with your vest:) And amazing shoes too
    Wanna follow each pther dear? kisses :*

  5. definitely loveeeeeeeeee your shoes :) :)

  6. love your dress xx and your heels are fab :DD

  7. I love your blue shoes! its beautiful! now following :)


  8. Love the dress in blue! Your dog is supa cute as well :)