Friday, June 1, 2012

Vanilla Latte

Oh I really in love with this Vanilla colour!
Yesterday my mom gave me this tops, it doesn't suits her well (yeah because not suits with her age now), so she asked me whether if I would wear it or not.)
I tried to wear it on and found that this peterpan collar tops is too dear to be discarded.

ohh yap I just reached my chain charm dual rings from GFO Indonesia :D

tops - Mom's closet
ripped denim shorts - unbrand
shoes - Charles & Keith
chain charm dual rings - GFO Indonesia


  1. aih your top is too cutee xxx

  2. How cute you are dear :)Really like your simple top!
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  3. Hey, guess what! I love your top <3 nice chain rings too
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  4. cutie top >.<

  5. I love the whole look! Peter pan collar is so cute<3
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  7. aku juga punya cincin yang kamu pake di post inii.. :D
    sama beberapa yang uda lewat.. :)
    youre lovely wulan :)

  8. Adorable outfit :) love your heels!

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    Kisses, Elena

  9. what a cute top :)

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