Monday, June 4, 2012

Black Shimmer

It's been start a new week again, feels time fly so fast and this week is my exams week.
Gonna be little busy and maybe lack of post, but I'll try to post if I have time.
So this is my new pants. No, not new, actually I got this stuff a month ago but I just post it now.
I treated myself in my birthday day, went to a branded sale and got this pants in the sale rack and of course in affordable price :)

lace blazer - unbrand
shimmer glitter pants - New Look
shoes - Charles & Keith
bracelet and earing - GFO Indonesia

I feel like tons of grease attached on my body in this photo, am I right? *my Bf also told it :'(
I should keep my mouth from now, have a diet and do some sport!


  1. I love your blazer:)) Beautiful:)

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  3. great shots!i love your shoes!
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  5. Such a cool look and love how you matched your accessories too. Great post! xo akiko
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  6. Wow!! Very rad outfit with really unique components! Really love the glitter leggings and ear cuff. Good luck for exams!

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  7. super love your tights and bracelets!

  8. PRETTY <33

    Loveee your blogg <33

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  9. hi!. thankyou for following back. the 2nd photo isnt taken by phone camera. it is taken by slr canon of my friend. what i mean with phone camera is all pictures that had a bad quality. but for the outfit it is taken by my friend :))

    keep it touch :)

  10. Great outerwear ! Love the lace detail :)

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  12. love the bracelet :D

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  13. you look amazing! :)

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