Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This is what I did when my sister (a.k.a my photographer) can't help me take pics, sorry for this stupid photos that I always carried a little black remote on my hand.
I hate to wait 10s, and 2s also too quick for me, so I choose to use the remote control.
Okay back to the post, I can't help my self not to buy this tribal leggings when I saw it at the first time.
I love how tribal can show its culture elements and fashionable at the same time, same as paisley and batik too.
Besides, they also avail in many gorgeous colors such as those you can see on my pics, a combination of blue, green, and mint colors!

crooped tops - mom's
tribal leggings - local store
shoes - Decimal
gold cuffs - GFO Indonesia

And I want to tell you that... I'm going to sell this sweet leggings!
Who want? ;D


  1. lovely outfit cii!
    you look sweet!
    and how tall are you ;;) just wanna askin :P

  2. love your legging!!!
    check my new post :)


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  4. Wow, love the leggings!!


  5. amazing leggings :D love it
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  7. great outfit!! love the blue colors!!

  8. beautiful as always, dear <3


  9. love it wulan! Im so interested with the remote actually! love your tribal legging. it sure does look fab on your skinny bods


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