Saturday, November 3, 2012

Incredible Homestuffs

Do you guys notice who is she in this post?
Or even think about someone when you see this following pics?
Yes, it's me, with the talented Sharon Angelia and Mila Wijaya, they created my face to look like not my face, haha!
This time their concept is using home stuffs for the headpieces, accessories, and the clothing too!
Let's scroll down pretties!

Can you imagine what I wore in this pics? It's made from a swab!
Sharon sprayed some pilox to make an ombre colour :p

This is the most frightening part, when they are all in a rush to take the shots before the candle melt on to my head. And me, I shouldn't move at all or my head will spilled by the hot melt!

For this pic, I want to thank to my best best friend, Heidi, for lending me her fur coat, it looks cool, Hed!
And that piece of fan's cover also send this pic to perfection!

What a cute bath puffs!
This is the first time I know that bath puffs can be a cute headpiece like this!

Naked face. Yeah, this is my real eyes when I no use any eyeliner at all.
Slanted eyes with no eye-lids! *but of course I still have my eyebrows*

And the last is.... Mosquito coil. They are pretty cool, huh?
Can't wait to hear from you, readers!
Write them down please and see ya in the next post ;)


  1. Wah you definitely look different! Nice shoot, very creative! x

  2. I already follow you, it will nice if you follow me back <33
    cant wait for reading your next post :):)


  3. KEREEN! really2 lovely! wish i could do that photo editing as well!

  4. While looking at your older blog posts/outfit post. I am so convinced to really follow! Stylish and fab looks always. I am following you now, 241st FOLLOWER!
    I hope you can follow back.

  5. Oh wow, amazing photos!

  6. great post! :)

  7. Wow!!!! Doesn´t look like you but the photos are truly stunning!!!!! So cool <3


  8. flawless, I thought it was for halloween at first, I think you look, just mesmerizing and creepy in all the right places.

  9. Lovely blog<3
    Check out mine sometime if you want :)

  10. one word to say : fantastic !
    i'm your newest follower on GFC :)
    hope you will follow me back..