Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One Week to Christmas

Rainy days is coming, and Christmas is closer too. Lucky me the sun was came up again after a hard rain that day, so I had the chance to take some shots although it was still little drizzling.
Here is a Christmas outfit again, sponsored by Cayleecious_ID :)
A perfect choice from the owner, Bellionducky, for send me this red oversized cardi, thank you dear :*
When I saw this sweet cardi, I straightly think that it's just a perfect timing to wear it on Christmas, no?
Paired it with my red detachable studded collar, gold knitted tops, and my favorite shorts, they must be so well match.

 detachable collar - DIY
oversized cardi & rings - Cayleecious_ID
sequin shorts - thrifted
knitted gold tops - mom's
heeless spiked booties - Fit and Grab

 She sent me this cute rings too ;p


  1. wow you look so stunning !!
    and i love shoes so damn much <3

  2. In love with the gold shorts and love your red blazer, too!

  3. Nice look and i love that gorgeous!!
    wanna stay in touch thru google/fb? Wld love to c u drop by my blog and great xmas offer from romwe!

  4. my, my, aren't you so ready for Christmas..
    Can't wait to finally take a look on your Christmas look, check out mine okay? ;)

  5. yuhuu madam! the new shoes parade? XD

  6. so adorable! especially the shoes <3

  7. love this outfit! those details on the collar and those heels :o hot! visit and comment if you'd like to follow each other :)

  8. sis sepatunya itu sis beli hrg brp?

  9. Hi Sherly, this shoes are for sale now.
    for inquiries please email to yah :)