Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One-stop Shopping Place

I know every of you who love fashion don’t always have enough money to wear all high brands from head to toe. Maybe some can, but the other can’t.
Not long ago, I stumbled upon a China-based webstore that selling many kind of super cheap fashion items called eFoxCity. The good news is, they don’t only sell woman clothing like most of other webstore, they also sell men’s.

I browse their collection and found out that they cover our fashion needs for teenagers to adults. How not, they sell many street style clothes for under $30, hundreds design of evening dresses, sequins prom dresses for you to go to your high school prom night, and also the wedding dresses for your once in a life time dress!

For men, they give you many designs to shop from your everyday jacket, hoodies and coat, to your dress suits :D
Besides, they also sell kinds of jewelry to complete the look. I can say eFoxCity could be a one-stop shopping place for our fashion needs, too bad they don't sell any shoes ;p
So what are you waiting for? They don't hurt your pocket guys!


  1. very great review!

    anyway, just came across your blog and what I should say is that I love your blog a lot! and there is no reason not to follow!

    hope you will spare some time to visit ours too!

  2. Thank you for your comment! i follow you! now it's your turn!

  3. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing :) Love your style!

    Following you know :) I'd so love it is you have time to check out my blog and possibly follow back!

  4. those are amazing ❤
    thanks for this info :D