Sunday, May 19, 2013

Peace Dot com

Gosh I never been as hectic as this as long as my school time. University life really pursued me with the deadline.
4th June is my last day to submit all the assignment and still so many design I must done. Fyi, I must make souvenir and stationery design for a corporate company, such as mug, t-shirt, pen, notes, pin, keychains, envelope, letterhead, stofmap binder, etc.
Still, I have to manage my little online store, working overtime is my daily menu for this month.
Lucky me, I still have stocks of photos that I took last time, so here it is guys, hope you like it ;)

anti war jumper - Luckyfolks
polka twirl skirt - tailored
wedges - Zalora
photo credit - Jefri Ang


  1. Good luck on your projects! :)) And nice top by the way! I love it :)

    Miss Cielo

  2. Your sweater is wayyy too cute xD

  3. Your schedule is so full this month >< Don't overwork yourself!
    the anti war jumper is lovely ♥

    Take care,

  4. Super cute sweater and skirt! I know what it's like to have a hectic school life, but then it passes and then your two month vacation can begin - gosh, I miss those =)

    - Che

  5. looking gorgeous as always <3

    I'm following you now ka,let me know if you want ;)

  6. This is totally adorable! I love your jumper (WANT IT), your skirt is uber cute, and your heels are positively mesmerising!