Friday, October 18, 2013

WIN A Trip to Singapore with Garuda Indonesia

Hey guys! I bet you all Surabaya's fashion blogger know that one of the famous blogger in our city, Silvia Siantar, and one of Indonesian best airways, Garuda Indonesia, are holding (maybe) the first blog competition. And I'm happy to hear that!
Finally, we, bloggers are recognized by Surabaya society! Thank you Silvia!

If you haven't know about this, let me tell you a bit.
Garuda Indonesia has recently launched their new flight path, which is direct from Surabaya to Singapore.
I know, maybe you said that their price is a bit high, but you have to know that their price is always worth with their professionalism.
I ever take flight with Garuda last time, and there's no delay, no straight face, all their crew are serve with heart and smile.
You can prove it yourself by join this ;)

Back to topic, now Garuda Indonesia and Silvia are holding a blog competition, and the prize is:

(3D 2N for 2 winners)
Ticket Surabaya - Singapore (Return) from Garuda Indonesia
3D 2N Hotel Accommodation at Hardrock Hotel / Festive Hotel by Resort World of Sentosa
(even you are still allowed to choose the hotel!)

All you have to do is:
- Send a form request to 
- Fill in the form
- Write an article about "A Trip to Singapore with Garuda Indonesia"
- Send your blog post link to
- The deadline is October, 20th, 2013.
- The winner will be announce at October, 25th, 2013
- This competition is valid for all Indonesian bloggers.

Blogging tips:
- Be original
- Be creative
- Explore more
- Promote it!

I decide to make a digital scrap because I think that scrap book is one of the great way to build up our creativity.
And if you notice my clothes, I choose to wear something Garuda's colors (royal blue, sky blue, mint, or orange).

Okay then why I join this competition?
I can say I really missed Singapore a lot. Plus, fly with a perfect and nice flight, who doesn't want?
Here are my little trip diary to Singapore last time when I attend my eldest brother's graduation ceremony, and of course did a holiday trip.
Hope you enjoy it ;)

This is what I saw when Singapore has its independence day celebration. Such a cool place, huh?

It's time for the Universal Studio!

Hey nosy Woody! What are you doing? haha!

 I can make sure no one won't get enough of this tiny country, don't you?
So, don't hesitate to join this competition! You have the chance to experience this unforgettable trip and Garuda Indonesia will make it!
See ya in the next post, and


  1. I wish I can joiinn! just too late to know about this :(
    Such a nice trip, wulan :)
    Good luck for the competition!

  2. Want to join too! :(
    But good luck anyway! Cheers!

  3. Can't agree more!
    Good luck :D

  4. your trip looks super fun!
    also found your photos on your facebook too!
    will try to take flight with Garuda soon!

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  6. Good luck lan!
    Dapur Krawu mendukungmu!

  7. don't forget a souvenir if you win!!
    hahaha! inget temen lan!

  8. going to singapore with garuda would be really fun!
    their service is the best

  9. nice scrap!
    singapore is really fun small country, and I believe Garuda will make every flight is worth!

  10. Enjoy. Thanks and following you back on gfc. Love
    New Post Fashion Talks

  11. beautiful! Keep up the great work in your blog…
    Wish you a rocking week ahead of you,
    Kisses from Miami,

  12. nice shots of Sg.. made me miss that place so badly :(

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  13. wulan! excited that we both won first place, see you in Singapore? xo