Friday, December 20, 2013

Hubble Bubble

Okay, I'm back! After my blog's been on a long hiatus, I'm back for a post, away from all the hectic period ;)
My final exam was over and this is perfect time for me to take a breather for a while.
Searching for the perfect time to shoot in rainy days like this is really challenging. Golden time for shoot has always been raining cats and dogs every single day.
 Lucky me, I have some free time to spare during my exam days, and here I manage to take photos for  my blog.

 This hubble bubble leather jacket from Stylish Plus came in a perfect timing, and honestly they did such a mental therapy to me during my stressful exam week.
A combine between leather and not-so-thick woolen jacket is one best way to wear in a rainy days like this, and since it's arrived at my gate, I bring it everyday for my daily jacket.
Let say I'm straightly in love with my new varsity jacket! :D

hubble bubble jacket - Stylish Plus
elastic bra tops - Front Row Shop
lips necklace - @maythe6 (instagram)
leather skirt - random
ankle boots - New Look


  1. superb pretty~ love your jacket so much, very cool :D

    cheer, michelle

  2. aduuu tempatnya.. lagi hits banget yak, jadi keren gitu spotnya.. hahhahah...
    great look btw

    stay fab,

    Miss Aa

  3. Fashion style , thank you for sharing .

  4. I know how you feel about those exams.. Great outfit!

  5. You rock! \m/
    Love the combination of this style :D