Friday, September 19, 2014

Am I Wrong

I really feel upset when the security and his friends rebuke and forbid me to take photos in some place here in my country.
About this post, I took it in an apartment poolside, and the security rebuke me, even my friends who help me take photos is one of the resident in that apartment.
Oh pleeaassee who want to steal your design or something like that?
It's not even a luxury or five star apartment, it's just an apartment beside my campus and the residents mostly is college students. 
Plus, I take photos only with 1 standard camera, I even not use any photography equipment like reflector, tripod, external flash, etc. It's not harm the apartment at all.
Have you ever experienced something similar to me?

 Okay please forgive me if I nagged a lot, but this is one of profit for having a blog right? :)
I also ever experienced similar things when I got an assignment: city light photography.
If you hear that kind of assignment then what will you do?
For me, I will rise to the top of a mall parking lot or any high building to take the city view.
But what happened to me, the security chase me away.
I even not take photos of the building, I just borrowed the height so I can take photo of the view down there!
Okay so this is the fact about Indonesia if you guys don't know.

 Let's back to the topic, I'm wearing my newest outer as a mini dress but sure, I wore shorts.
I love long outer so much and this one has the perfect thickness for Indonesian weather.
So here is the details:
Coat dress - @cecilcorner2
heels - Aldo
perfume bag - May The 6 (@maythe6)

Photo credit: Anne Veronica


  1. you look so cute!

  2. I never experience that, but I have been took a photo in the Hotel's rooftop, I'm not one of the guest, it just the hotel is located near my house. Me and my brother as a photographer just ordered orange juice and we were allowed to taking picture. But, a week after I took the picture, the hotel was asked 700K for everyone who taking picture there... LOL

  3. wowww~ that security is surely annoying -_-
    btw love your look here~ really adore your bag and outerwear <33

    cheer, michelle

  4. Nice:) x

  5. Great post! love it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC!? Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

  6. so sad yet so true. kayaknya kalo moto apa gitu dikira mencuri karya seninya ya, padahal kan kita cuma mau share doang -_-"

  7. You look so pretty and cute with that outer and the tied hair ♥
    Have a nice day xo

    A Red Crown Girl by ILS