Saturday, January 17, 2015

Floral Playsuit

Hi! Hey! Hello! 
I'm really sorry that I didn't post anything for about one month, not because I stop blogging but well, so many things happened in the past month. From my college project, till my love life problem.
Yes, breakup wasn't easy even though I have experienced it last time.
But life must go on, think happy, optimist, and keep up the spirit are the best way to deal with.

Okay let's back to my very first post in 2015, I'm sorry (again) that some photos are over-exposure, my little sister took it too quick that she didn't check the lighting well.
For my outfit, I'm so into playsuit lately, and I'm in love with this floral playsuit from my favorite Singapore blogshop, Dressabelle.
It's really suit my country weather yet it has a chic detail on the back side. Paired it with my neon creepers to make it not so girly, then I ready to walk all day long! :D


  1. Gorgeous patterns and gorgeous colour

  2. Yasss, its true! Life goes on, cheer up cee :))
    btw, you look gorgeous with that jumpsuit <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  3. so pretty ci!


  4. pretty!