Thursday, May 14, 2015


 It's been a month that I don't touch this blog. Being in the last semester is like more things to do.
There's always something else messing up the schedule for taking an outfit photos.
But finally thanks to my one and only bf, he helped me taking this awesome pics when the golden time come.

 I currently in love with this pinstripe culottes that I got from On The Rocks, a street fashion label based on my hometown, Surabaya. Paired it with white asymmetrical tops that I scored from On The Rocks too, and a pair of the trending lace up heels.

shades - Cotton On 
white asymmetrical tops - On The Rocks (instagram: @ontherocks11)
pinstripes culottes - On The Rocks (instagram: @ontherocks11)
white minimalism triangle bag - May The 6 (instagram: @maythe6)
lace up heels - Zara