Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Arva Annual Fashion Show 2015: Emendation Part II

 We are here in part two! This time Arva will feature the work of 44 young designers who have just completed one year in Arva education. Their works are designed by fashion trends of Spring / Summer 2016, with five sub-themes:

Inspired by the memories of our childhood nightmares, the monster. Monster itself presenting our fear of darkness, doubt, and self-destruction. Packaged in a more modern atmosphere, to fight all these fear, we replace it with a sense of caricature picture. Monster becomes not creepy anymore, but funnier and memorable. This trend also gives new energy, energetic, and passionate feelings on our childhood.

In this trend, they express the appeal of blooming flowers. The alloy between trees and flowers in spring, giving radiance of happiness in a change of seasons. Roots romance that stands as a strong foundation and flowers as a symbol of soft and purity. Oversized silhouette reflected in this collection, combined with a floral illustration detail and ornament.

Witch is the main inspiration of this collection, in which the evil forces are destroyed and the wizards protect themselves with the power of black magic. The witches establish a communication with the power of his ancestors roamed the earth for one reason, which is a retaliation.

Build a dream in the boudoir romance. With the scent of perfume from rose petals and a glass lamps were dim light reflected on a silk curtain. Luxury cosmetics, jewelry box carved with silver and pearls scattered on a marble table. The destiny of a woman in his daily life were wallowing in the luxury of forever, and there will be timeless.

Inspired from the Japanese martial art, Aikido and Kyudo, with smooth movement but shows the power and strength in defense. Covers the physical, spiritual, and moral focusing in the development of self, a sense of satisfaction to be successful. Reflected by this collection which exudes strength in fluid silhouette with a touch of feminine and masculine. spirit in the battle by showing a graceful philosophy and ready to fight.

That is all for this year fashion show, thank you for reading this long post, I hope you enjoy it ;D


  1. Enigmatic Gloom collection is just fabulous!


  2. i love these photos,and i think that they are art