Saturday, January 16, 2016

BEYOND Beauty Workshop Review

So I had this beauty workshop last Dec on 2015 but just have chance to post this on Jan due to the holiday mood that makes me too excited :D
But here is a review about my experience at BEYOND Beauty Workshop, enjoy!

The workshop was held in Tunjungan Plaza Convention Hall Surabaya. It was about 30-40 girls inside the room and this is what I see on my table: 

Meet the speaker: Philip Kwok, one of professional Make Up Artist from Jakarta.

He teach us step by step, from cleansing your face, how to wipe your eyes make up, and applying the CC cream, grinding powder, etc.

This was my face after applying the Angel Aqua CC cream and grinding powder. It covers my pores perfectly and I don't need to use the BB cream anymore.
To avoid the eye bags, try use their mineral concealer stick, it helps a lot.

A wefie with my new friends meet at the class!

And here are what I got from the workshop:
- Beyond make up pouch
- Beyond Oh My Body body wash
- Limited Edition Alice in Wonderland Lips and Cheek series
- Beyond Angel Aqua CC Cream and Grinding Powder in package
- Beyond Skinny Up Mascara
- Beyond Real Mineral Concealer Stick

What I love about this package:
 My skin type is combination (oily on T parts), I tried them during the workshop and wait until night, turns out my skin is still glowing flawless even on the oily parts, it's still perfectly cover my pores.
Here is a video from my snapchat about my skin at night:

 This mascara is brilliant! My asian eyes (read: super narrow, small, slanted, oh anything you name it) often got black scratch when I apply mascara. But this Skinny Up Mascara helps me a lot! I think they designed specially for those who has small eyes like mine.


  1. looks like you had tons of funnnn~ the packaging looks so cute <33

    cheer, michelle ~