Tuesday, February 9, 2016


If you guys followed my instagram account or my snapchat, you should alrd know that I changed my hair color recently.
So I have a collaboration with Etienne Hairdressing and Lounge to dye my hair to ice color.
Let me show you what color I used to get this look.

Before coloring, I get a consultation time with the expert about my hair.
I'm asking to get an ash silver blue ombre hair and they use Milbon Ash Blue color level 11.
For the top part, they suggest me to use Milbon Matt Green level 11. Here we go the process!

 The process took about 8 hours because my hair was dyed with red color before, and they told me that red color is the most difficult color to replace. For this situation, they bleach my hair twice.

But please don't worry, Etienne is a lifestyle modern saloon, they provide you with lounge inside, so you can order some food and drinks to put aside your boredom. Truth be told, my fav is their Beef Tacos and scrambled egg croissant, it's a must try!! And the other tidbit is, the food and drinks are not pricy like cafes nowadays in general.

And TA-DA!! This is the result of 8 hours sitting! haha XD
Thank you Ce Christine, Mas Kris and Mbak Ayu for helping me!

All pictures above are credit to @adrian.anwar
Etienne Hairdressing & Lounge
JL. Opak no. 47 Surabaya
031-568 4537
Monday closed


  1. the hair looks gorgeous <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  2. I really love it. I hope you can continue to update on this blog, because I would often visit

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