Friday, June 10, 2016


Oh please forgive me that I'm super late in reporting this event.
So last month on May 1st, Ce Mindy from Pink and Undecided invited me to attend Make Over Indonesia blogger gathering. Held on TooTooMoo Surabaya, there was a make up eyeliner demo by Make Over itself and last but not least, they treated us lunch too :D
Here are some photos about what I see during the event, please enjoy :)

Here is what I got from the event, I love the nude matte lipstick so much!
I tried to use it several times already and it still stick on my lips after I eat. I also love the texture, it's not sticky but also not too dry like matte lipstick in general.

This eyeliner pencil come in such colors: Goddess gold, Glam Gold, Brown Latte, Black Jack, Navy Blue, Classic Green, Royal Blue, and Posh Purple. (too bad I can't find any worthy picture about the complete set of this eyeliner :( )
Me myself tried this eyeliner too, see the result HERE and HERE.

What I love:
- The color is so pigmented
- Long last til about 6 hours (it's waterproof)
- Easy to apply

I suggest you should try them yourself, coz the price is relatively affordable. You can have it at IDR 80.000 each, happy trying beauties ;)

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