Friday, July 1, 2016

Sato Nozomi Pieces

Got 2 weeks hiatus on this blog nor my Instagram feed, I really need more rest lately.
Last week my right eye's cornea got scratch and I can't use any eye make up during the medication, and this week I had high fever combine with diarrhea and headache, what a complete package!!
I have to stay at home during working days and weekend, take more sleep as much as I can to rest my eyes and body, I can't say nothing but bored!! *sigh :(
I'm really sorry for those who had send me their pieces to review, I will review them as soon as possible after I recovered, promise!!

I got this outfit from @satonozomiofficial , an Indonesian local brand which inspired from Japanese style, but I choose to bring this look to my very own style with putting my fave headband ;p
Do you like this kind of style peeps? Don't forget to leave a comment bellow, see ya on my next post ;)

Tops & skirt - @satonozomiofficial
headband - @handmadepita
shoes - Zara
bag - Stradivarius


I met the goddess Cindercella that day! Thanks to Katherin for introduce me to Cella ;)


  1. awesome outfit wulan! you look gorgeous! :)

    xoxo, rae

  2. you look gorgeous <33

    cheer, michelle ~