Monday, July 4, 2016

Touch of Pink

 First thing first, Happy Eid Mubarak for all those who celebrate it!
I'm sure Indonesian are in a holiday mood now and so am I! Too excited although I'm not going anywhere, but Surabaya will be lonesome for a while :D
Plus, my bf is coming home, I can't be more excited than that, hihi ;p

A really quick snap before accompanying my bf to go swimming, this was taken after we got warn by the security, but we did it quietly for the sake of a blog post :DD
I really still can't understand why Surabaya's great place always forbid us to take photos, even using a mirrorless camera. So they ONLY allow us to take pictures with handphone, jaman kapan iki rek OMG, duhh!! 

So my outfit is about this Marlan dress. Why I love this dress is, I can pull it to a feminin look with heels and such, but this time I prefer pull this look to the sporty one, and it goes well match too ;)

delaney printed dress - Marlan RTW @marlanreadytowear
bag - Michael Kors
shoes - @maythe6

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  1. the dress looks pretty <33

    cheer, michelle ~