Sunday, August 7, 2016

Outer on Fleek

 I just can't help myself when I saw this outer on the sale rack!
How not, I got this piece only about usd20 (!!!)
Then when I'm lazy to dressed up, I just put on this outer above my lazy white tank, ripped short, booties, and voila! I got my stylish look that I want. Seems this outer is going to my favourites list now ;)

 Had another fun time with my boyfriend while he is in town, he help me to took some snaps at the empty land near his house, and we found this army tent there! Such a perfect match with my outfit :D

 white tank - New Look
ripped shorts - American Eagle
outer - American Eagle
booties - @maythe6

1 comment:

  1. Your hair is PER-FECT! Photos are amazing by the way, but I couldn't stop looking at your hair...