Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Remove The Unwanted Hair in Safe and Effective Way | BANGKOK BEAUTY Soft Opening Party

 So 2 weeks ago I was invited by Ce Mindy to attend the soft opening of Bangkok Beauty.
Bangkok Beauty is a permanent hair removal beauty clinic, and here is their 2nd branch in Surabaya.
At this 2nd branch, they collaborating with Me-Nail, they do have waxing as a temporary hair removal, and nail express service. However, their Bangkok Beauty line has an update in the service which is Chemical Peeling for underarms and groins, as well elbow, underarms detox, and purifying facial treatment.

To additional, in their PTC branch, they have Underarms Rejuvenation, which is a Post-Treatment upon the laser treatment. Last but not least, both of their branch do have the Eyelash Extension treatment.

So those are what I see when I entered the room, they treat us with cupcakes snacks, and then they show us the hair removal demo.

So what's IPL-SHR? Let me give you a slight info about it.
IPL-SHR is a refinement of existing technologies, departs from the originally Coolglide, which has the disadvantage of heat and pain, and then refined into IPL. The development is actually accompanied by e-light technology and IPL-SHR, but most beauty clinics in Asia ultimately chose to use SHR technology because it is considered the most effective. In Indonesia, the development of SHR skipped directly to the Diode laser, but the machines must be operated by doctors, while SHR only need a beautician to operate.

Here I show you the steps of IPL-SHR treatment:

First, they shave the unwanted hair.

Then, apply the cooling gel to avoid the heat of the machine.

Now, the IPL-SHR is beginnnn :)

After that, they clean out the gel.

Last, they apply the NaCl to avoid skin irritation.

And what to remember is:
1. Once in a month, treatment should be repeated.
Especially in the first 3 months is expected to be committed back in time to get the effective results.

2. 24-48 hours after treatment, avoid direct sun, a shower with hot water, sauna, and jacuzzi.

3. You are forbid to waxing or plucking, if the hair grow before the next treatment.
You better SHAVE it.

4. In addition to the treatment, you can also consider to do the Peeling or Rejuvenation treatment to maximize the appearance of the underarm.

So simple, right? I personally also use this treatment to remove my unwanted hair too, and it's not painful at all. The result? Don't ask ;) It's waaayyyyy more easy, clean and bright than waxing.

And last but not least, Bangkok Beauty treats my tummy very well too! Thank you Bangkok Beauty for inviting me :D

Pakuwon Trade Centre (PTC) Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Ground Floor, #c7-28
+62 813 57757 628
+62 822 3096 8543

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