Thursday, December 15, 2016

Event Report & Review: SKII Suminagashi

Hi everyone! It's time for a beauty event report this time!
And as you can see in the picture above, it will be about my latest event with Clozette and SKII, and this is the first Clozette's event in Surabaya! *clap clap clap*

The event was held at Plaza Tunjungan Surabaya, on November 24th 2016 with many beauty enthusiast who enlivened this event. I was amazed by SKII's bigger event this year compared to last year. Yet I already saw their advertisement on Youtube before about Suminagashi.
Here are I captured about what I saw during the event :D

A pic of Star Clozetter, Clozette Ambassador, bloggers, beauty influencer, etc.

From left: The MC, Susan Bachtiar as SKII Indonesia's Brand Ambssador, and Katherin Laksmana as event speaker.

For you who don't know what Suminagashi is, here is a little info for you:
Suminagashi art selected by SKII because of the strength of the philosophy that believes that there is no term droplet is wrong, every drop is so unique and precious. And SKII believe that all women can be beautiful in her own way, as well as the essence of suminagashi.

Seni Suminagashi dipilih oleh SKII karena kekuatan filosofi yang percaya bahwa tidak ada istilah tetesan yang salah, setiap tetes begitu unik dan berharga. Dan SKII percaya bahwa semua perempuan dapat menjadi cantik dengan caranya masing - masing, sama halnya dengan esensi dari suminagashi.

At the event, we, beauty enthusiast were given the opportunity to try the art of Suminagashi, then applied on a piece of cloth or post card. Yes, picture above is my creation 😢😢

We also have Katherin to teach us how to applied make up, with Suminagashi inspired. Then they give us chance to do a makeup challenge still about Suminagashi inspired.

Last but not least, our wefie together with SKII Indonesia's brand ambassador, Susan Bachtiar.
So happy to meet her in person!

A little close up shots to what we got from the event, each of us can bring home a travel size of Pitera Set, and of course, my Suminagashi inspired scarf. YAAAYY!!

 Personally I've been using SKII product before, and I feel like SKII is the best skincare for my age (20 and above)
I really love its texture that freshen my skin and keep it moist and of course, chewy *haha*
I still remembered the first time I tried their Deep Surge Ex, my sensitive combination skin turns dull and rough at the first 7 days. I keep using it and after 2-3 weeks, my skin become smoother, brighter, and I feel so moist.

I also bring this travel size pack on my daily basis, especially during my holiday trip.
Thank you SKII and Clozette for this event, I'm soooo happy that finally meet Clozette crew in person! :DDD


  1. enjoy reading ur post..

    Mrs. Aa

  2. Suminagashi bikinan kamu bagus banget, Lan <3

    Dee|The Jackie of All Trades