Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Good to see you again, Stripes!

Oh I love Surabaya's weather lately! It was raining hard almost everyday, a little flood here and there but my outfit today is just to enjoy the gloomy weather, haha!
It's rainy season and it's time for layering of course. I decided to wear out my stripes dress and put on a thin coat over it, oh good to see you again, Stripes!

And a glass of ice dark choco as always! ;)

So my stripe knot dress is from Label8, and this dusty flowy pink outer is from Avgal's newest collection. Not to mention, finally I take out again my stripes heels to play matchy matchy with my outfit.  

 So have you dress up for this rainy season? One thing that you should remember, please don't forget to bring your umbrella everywhere, okay? Till next post ;)

stripes knot dress - Label8
pink outer - Avgal Collection
bag - Charles n Keith
heels - Zalora

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pleats and Lace Up

I can't get bored of so many pleats skirt that I have, this time I got a combine of leather and lace pleats skirt from On The Rocks.
It's really suits for a summer outfit like this, well, my country is always summer along the year.

Just a quick shots before I dip my head to the pool, oh it's really hot that day.
Believe me when I took this pic, it takes only about less than 5 mins and my sweat was already dripping here and there, phew!

Top / HM
skirt / On The Rocks
outer / thrifted
shoes / thrifted

Laces and Ribbons

 I'm too lazy to update my blog lately, but everything is on my Instagram.
Except this, I can't hold my self not to post this on the blog.
While everybody love and busy taking photos in newest cafe, nice interior, I'm a typical of an outdoor girl.
I prefer take pictures in outdoor with rustic view here and there. Like this series, I'm amazed that my city has this view. It's located in a rooftop of a resort dining in the west of Surabaya, called Platinum Grill.

Got this little dress in victorian style from Esye. I don't know where it based, but as I know, they currently available in Surabaya & Jakarta (Indonesia), Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. 

What I love about this dress is, its perfect cutting that make my waist part look much more slimmer. A friend of mine borrowed this dress for her event, and many of her friend ask where did she get the dress, because she looks much more slimmer in this dress, haha!

Taken at / Platinum Grill Surabaya
dress /  Esye
shoes / Pedro

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bell Pants

I've been eyeing this cute pants but found out it's too pricey for me since I kinda easy to bored with my clothes, so I search something more affordable. I used to wear my clothes only 2-3 times then I sell them out in preloved. Then when I saw this pants at Flomors, I think that I should have this one.

Besides, I love its greyish blue color, super cute! xD
Paired it with a pajamas top, and this will be the next comfiest outfit of mine.

glasses - Romwe
pants - Flomors
bag - Michael Kors
heels - Mango

Monday, March 6, 2017

HANSKIN Bio Origin Royale Ampoule BB Ex Review (BAHASA)

Waktunya beauty reviiieeewww :D  Kali ini aku bakal review tentang HANSKIN Bio Origin Royale Ampoule BB Ex yang baru aja aku dapetin dari Charis Korea.
Jadi, produk yang aku dapet ini adalah BB Cream. Dari kemasannya, aku suka banget sama kemasannya yang super elegan, box dan botolnya berwarna rose gold berkilau. Packagingnya top banget menurutku.

Aplikatornya berupa botol yang di pump seperti aplikator pada umumnya. First impression sih, jujur aja aku belum pernah denger brand ini sebelumnya, tapi aku pingin banget cobain karena packagingnya elegan banget dan terkesan mahal. 

Oke sekarang langsung aja aku bakal aplikasikan ke punggung tangan aku yang kebetulan lagi nggak mulus karena ada gopel merahnya, sekalian test coveragenya gitu :p

Menurut aku, produknya cenderung encer banget, jadi waktu di pump 1x dia langsung meluber gitu. Bisa kalian lihat produknya gampang banget mengalir ke bawah.
Untuk aroma dari BB Cream ini cukup enak dan nggak mengganggu sama sekali, aromanya lembut dan nggak menusuk hidung. Sedangkan untuk harganya dibanderol USD$39.99 (sekitar IDR 535.000 rupiah) dan bisa kamu dapetin di CHARIS OFFICIAL

Seperti yang kalian lihat, coveragenya cukup oke, bisa dibilang medium coverage.
Tapi tenang aja, aku nyaman banget pakai BB cream ini untuk daily use, karena teksturnya sama sekali nggak berat. Sepertinya produk ini cocok untuk DIY cushion lho, karena teksturnya yang encer itu tadi :p
Namun aku lebih sarankan produk ini untuk kalian yang mempunyai tipe kulit kering.
Aku sudah mencoba produk ini selama 6 jam, kulit aku termasuk yang kombinasi - oily, dan menurutku, produk ini relatif cepat cracking saat wajah mulai berminyak.

So, berikut rangkuman review aku tentang Hanskin Bio Origin Royale Ampoule BB Ex:
(+) Packaging elegan dan mewah
(+) Medium coverage
(+) Nggak berat untuk dipakai sehari-hari
(-) Relatif cepet cracking pada kulit berminyak
(-) Tekstur terlalu encer

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Preppy Little Girl

 A bit hectic lately but I'm happy that Surabaya now is getting greater.
So many new stores coming up, delicious food here and there, beautiful cafe to hang out, and bloggers in Surabaya get more recognition now.
I still remember the first day I started my blog, no instagram, no beautiful cafe. Just me, empty hallway, and my outfit :D

 Today as I write this post, so many chic places to take photos in Surabaya. One of my favourite is where I took this pic, Kawi Lounge. It's located at Sheraton Hotel Surabaya, but they come up with the new look.
Took this pic while having my we-time with my partner in crime, I choose to create a preppy look that day. 

Got this silk midi skirt from my favourite brand, AVGAL Collection, paired it with plain white shirt and I add a suspenders complete the preppy look. For shoes, I still choose a pair of pump heels to avoid way too nerdy, well, a pump shoes always drive us to a different level I think.

straw hat - Topi Nara
white shirt - G2000
suspenders - thrifted
midi skirt - Avgal
heels - Zara