Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lazy Look

I always love something oversized for my daily outfit, it's more comfortable for sure and you won't afraid to look fat or disproportionate. Well, each person must have a part where a lot of fat assembled and you want to cover it, right? :D

So here is my look to style my boyfriend's shirt, yes it's my bf's shirt for real, he put on weight now and throw his shirt to me, xD
What I love about this look is, I can wear it in any occasion. Lunch with some friends? checked. Church? checked.  Office? checked. Meeting? Mall? All checked ;)

 And if you want something more tidy, you can do your hair with sleek style, but I love my hair that way.
I also put on my vintage glasses to look more edgy.

 shirt - G2000
pants - Fashion Valet
earrings - Gung Jewellery
watch - Wish Watch
sandals - Hype
bag - Mango 

Last but not least, thank you to Vasa Hotel Surabaya for allowing me to take any picture around the hotel.
See you guys on my next post ;)


  1. Nice shirt!

    Happy valentine's day!

  2. love this oversized look!
    nothing is as comfy as oversize chic, right?

    you look stunning<3