Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Stylish Worker

I always love how high waist pants did something to my length. For 158cm tall girl like me, high waist pants is a must have items rather than a hipster pants. See, this pants bring me to a professional model look alike, haha!

I've been eyeing a sailor pants lately, and just found out I got them 2 pcs already, one is the flare pants like you see in THAT post, another one is which I wore in this post.
Well, I didn't realize that I choose a similar pants, with the same colour too. Then when my sister ask me why I do this, I keep telling her that this two pants are not the same, female desease attack :D 

I also love how this pants give me an extra stylish look during my office hour,
I can easily pair it with any tops I have. 

shades - thrifted
tops - H&M
Jade high waist wide leg pants - Pomelo
bag - (I forgot where I got it, sorry!)
heels - New Look

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