Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Something pink for February? Well, I rarely wear any pink color in my outfit, don't know why I feel less confident when I wear pink. Maybe because I always dress up boyish all the time, but people changes right? Believe it or not, my bf ask me to be a bit more feminin, maybe because I'm too boyish for him xD

Since this blush color is so into fashion lately, I'm curious and want to dress up a bit more feminin.
 I choose this skirt for the highlight of my outfit. I love each flowers that neatly sewn by Catherine Soepadhi, think I will wear this more often. Any thought, peeps?

tank tops - Goya
statement skirt - Catherine Soepadhi
sling bag - Michael Kors
heels - Mango

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