Monday, February 27, 2017

Vintage Lace

I fell in love at first sight when I saw this dress hanging on the rack. I don't think too long and just say "I'll take this." to the shop assistant.
Turns out I've been wearing this dress here and there, because it's really easy to use and don't need to be ironed, haha!
So when I'm in a rush, I just pull out this dress from my closet, put on a belt or scarf for accessories, and I'm ready to go.

My dad, a man who never comment about someone appearance, ask me where I got this dress because he loves seeing me in this simple lace dress.
He said "You look sweet in this dress, it's really pretty, I love it."
I'm a bit shock while my dad said it to me, because he really really never comment about my appearance, what I wear, what I buy, etc.

straw hat - Topi Nara
lace dress - On The Rocks
belt - Stradivarius
bag - Fendi
shoes - May The Six

Pictures credit to Katherin Laksmana
Thanks to Sheraton Hotel Surabaya for the venue

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