Sunday, March 5, 2017

Preppy Little Girl

 A bit hectic lately but I'm happy that Surabaya now is getting greater.
So many new stores coming up, delicious food here and there, beautiful cafe to hang out, and bloggers in Surabaya get more recognition now.
I still remember the first day I started my blog, no instagram, no beautiful cafe. Just me, empty hallway, and my outfit :D

 Today as I write this post, so many chic places to take photos in Surabaya. One of my favourite is where I took this pic, Kawi Lounge. It's located at Sheraton Hotel Surabaya, but they come up with the new look.
Took this pic while having my we-time with my partner in crime, I choose to create a preppy look that day. 

Got this silk midi skirt from my favourite brand, AVGAL Collection, paired it with plain white shirt and I add a suspenders complete the preppy look. For shoes, I still choose a pair of pump heels to avoid way too nerdy, well, a pump shoes always drive us to a different level I think.

straw hat - Topi Nara
white shirt - G2000
suspenders - thrifted
midi skirt - Avgal
heels - Zara


  1. sweet shirt!
    great midi skirt!

  2. "It would be a total waste if I buy something expensive and only wear it for a few times.
    So,after reading your article. I finally made my decision with a red dress long sleeve"

  3. If black off shoulder dress keeps women a sense of mystery.Then golden dress shows the neat and pure of a girl.