Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pleats and Lace Up

I can't get bored of so many pleats skirt that I have, this time I got a combine of leather and lace pleats skirt from On The Rocks.
It's really suits for a summer outfit like this, well, my country is always summer along the year.

Just a quick shots before I dip my head to the pool, oh it's really hot that day.
Believe me when I took this pic, it takes only about less than 5 mins and my sweat was already dripping here and there, phew!

Top / HM
skirt / On The Rocks
outer / thrifted
shoes / thrifted


  1. I love the whole ensemble! Black is always great fashion color!

  2. The lace skirt is so feminine and it adds a really unique sense of style!

  3. Beautiful pictures and you look stunning!