Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pastel Chic

Hi BootsyDoopers! I have no idea why I'm being so lazy to update this blog.
Maybe I have to change it to .com so I'll be force to be active again? How does it sound?
Well, everything simple and fast like Instagram always win.

Okay let's back to the point of this blog post.
Did you ever heard about  a clothing brand called Love Bonito?
I know and have some of their pieces long ago before they come to Indonesia. It's a local clothing brand based in Singapore actually, and now they have an official store in Indonesia.

What I love about Love Bonito is, its cutting. I have several pieces of this brand, and its cutting are all just perfect.
From jumpsuit to dresses, tops and bottoms, the cutting and the fabrics never fail.
Do you ever experienced while you shop online clothes, the chiffon fabric or laces are too thin and easily ripped, or sometimes the fabric is too stuffy on skin? For me, I love affordable clothes because I love to try new styles, but I can't count how many times I disappointed while I received my package. Who's in?

 But it's not gonna happen to this brand, I can guarantee! From the first time I shop, till now, I can say I'm a fan of Love, Bonito! I'm too happy while heard that they available in Indonesia, and as I expected, the quality never change. Plus, who doesn't love free shipping? HAHA.
Yes, Love Bonito provide free shipping with no minimum purchase. 

 So far, Love Bonito is available offline in Jakarta and Surabaya only, but you can shop them online at Love,Bonito webstore.
And for Jakarta people, you can find them in Department store such as Sogo, Galeries Lafayette, and Metro. For Surabaya peeps, you can shop them offline at Sogo Tunjungan Plaza 3rd floor.
Last but not least, I want to say huge thanks to Clozette Indonesia who send me this lovely pieces!

sunnies - Karamata
tops - Anonim
skirt - Love Bonito
bag - Charles Keith
bag strap - Kooleet
shoes - Unificatio