Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year!

Ahahaha if you follow me on my Instagram, you should familiar with this pic.
Well, it's not my newest photo, but still it took on December so yah, still okay right :D

Well, I am sooooo thankful to what happened in 2017. It's been a year full of experience, some good and bad, literally so many things I haven't experience before, happened in 2017. But again, all thanks to my family, my bf, my sincere friends (I can say some not), brands, and of course my readers. I won't be at this point if I lose your support, so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I wish nothing in 2018, just a good health for the people I mention above, and God please bring me to a better person, please and Amin.
How about you guys? Any plans for 2018? Or any resolution that has been checked in 2017? ;)

About my outfit, I'm wearing one set collection from my favourite Avgal, this time I can't resist it cuteness for the one strap midi skirt. It gives a new touch to my outfit, yet this skirt can be wear in casual or semi formal way, you choose.
Maybe you can wear it as your office outfit to make it more variable?
I know that some of you has been frustrated about what you wear to your office, am I right? xD

hat - Stradivarius
top and skirt - Avgal
bag - Pedro
shoes - Charles and Keith

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