Thursday, February 22, 2018

Staycation at Golden Tulip Holland Resort Batu Malang

Ooohhh how I love staycation so much! No matter if it's in town or out of town, I really love just staying overnight at somewhere new places. Feels like huge refreshment to boost my mood, is it just me or do you guys feel the same?

So it was at the end of January, the three of us (Me, Devita, and Stefani) had the chance to stay at Golden Tulip Holland Resort in Batu, Malang, East Java, and still in Indonesia :D
The first impression is, this hotel is spacious! We walk around the lobby and had a great welcome by the sun yet cool windy weather, soooo nice!

After they send us to our room and drop our baggage, we immediately make a hotel tour by walking around here and there exploring the outdoor area. And here is the view:

Such a view, right? We rushed ourself to take lot of snaps before the sun goes down.
While at nights, we just chill and enjoying the moment, eating pizza and doing a mask time, as you can see our activity HERE, it's Devita's vlog during our short trip. 

Okay now let's move on to the next day, the breakfast part. I really really enjoy the food so muucchhh!! They served us from Sushi, Indonesian food and dessert, dimsum bites, fries snacks, Chinese food, breads, and cakes.

Oh I almost forgot to mention the marshmallow too! They also have Italian like spaghetti and other pasta. But the best part is, I love the soy milk! I can say it was the best soy milk I ever tasted!
I can't hold myself for just 1 glass, seriously, it tasted soooo good! I can go back to this hotel only to order the soy milk, believe me.
After having breakfast, we went strolling around the indoor area and snap some good vibes at the hotel, here we go:

During the day, we still manage to take time to do a little exercise at the gym centre, after sweating, we decided to move down to the pool, yeeaahh! Before get wet, let me took some shots around the pool first :p
We also tried the whirlpool, and of course the pool slides too. Swimming experience is all in Devita's vlog, go go watch it! 

The next day before checking out, we still manage to take photos again, hahaha, and here is the rest, just some shots inside our room. 

Pardon my endorsement photos, because this spot is cute but I forgot to take any other picture than this...

So when the other day we were very busy taking photos for our needs, last but not least, finally we snap a pic of three of us while waiting the bell boy come to help us carry the baggage.
Ciaaoo, till next time Golden Tulip Holland Resort Batu, it's such a very nice experience staying in the hotel, thank you so much for the hospitality!