Thursday, May 3, 2018

Platinum Grill: Pet Friendly Resto Surabaya

So here is the very first post of my baby in my blog! YAAYY!!
First thing first, let me introduce this baby boy beside me, his name is Kentang (means Potato in English),
a 6 months old male Pug.
Are there my readers here a dog lover too? For me, I never live without a dog since I was born.
No matter what breed or mix breed they are, I always fall in love into them too much.

Talking about pets, this time I bring Kentang for a fine dining at Platinum Grill, a resort dining and steak house in Surabaya. Maybe some of you don't know that Platinum Grill is a pet friendly resto, so here it is, my dinner experience at Platinum Grill with my baby Kentang. 

All this pretty pictures are credit to Stefani Gabriela

So while the pawparents enjoying their dinner,
Platinum Grill will serve 3 course menu for your pets: Appetizer, main course, and dessert.
Photo above is Kentang before enjoying the appetizer, a bowl of Pumpkin soup!
As you can see, they use disposable plate for pets, so please don't worry, pawparents!

Next is the main course, I always come to laugh when I see how they serve the menu, it's sooooo cuteeee, no?? Okay so the main course contains a slice of minced meat with broccoli, and some dog snack on top.
I'm cryinngggg, they are SO THOUGHTFUL!!!
Oh and the most important is, all this pets menu are ingredients passed by the vets, so it's 100% safe for your pets!

Last but not least, the dessert!!
I forgot to take photo of the dessert menu so I just capture my IG story cover 😅
The dessert contains a cup of milk pudding and cuts of strawberries.
Not to forget, they add a slice of orange (I think? Or peach) and a dog snack on top.

Another info, here is the price if you want to treat your fur friends:
IDR 100,000 for small-medium dog
IDR 150,000 for big dog

Book your seat:
Raya Golf Graha Family, Surabaya, Indonesia
Call +62317388990
Dian +6281703367875
Ratih +6287852999907