Monday, July 16, 2018

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) at Emdee Clinic

I bet some of you have some insecurity with the part of your face but you don't want to do the surgery? So do I!
I can say almost every woman want to have a perfect V-shape face, am I right?
Truth be told, my face is not 100% symmetrical. There's a slightly different between my cheeks and jaw lines, the right part is slightly fatter that the left part. I quite annoyed with this thing so if you do notice, I always take all my photos from my left angle, the thinner one (haha!).
Because of this thing, I googled a lot of treatment and search what's suit my condition best.
About last week, I visited Emdee Clinic to do a consultation what suits me best and they suggest me to do botox or HIFU Treatment.
Since I don't want to do botox, so I go with the HIFU treatment. Fyi, HIFU itself is care for face lifting and v-shaping, and it suitable for any age, but it's way more effective for aging skin.

Okey here we go, the HIFU treatment steps and result!

First thing first, cleaned up the face is a must!
Then they will put some anesthetic cream on the face and leave it about 20-30 minutes to reduce pain during the treatment.

After that, the doctor will draw some lines to limiting the work space.

Next step is putting the gel on the treatment area to soothing the skin from the treatment's heat.

And the HIFU starts now!
For some people this can be a painful treatment, but for me, I can dealing with the pain easily. The doctor ask me several time which part is painful but I don't have any part that I can't handle, so I just stay quiet and enjoy the treatment.
Basically HIFU treatment will give you the effective result in 3x treatments, package of 3x treatments will cost you around IDR 14mio (it's too expensive for me 😱)

Okay now let see the before after in 1x treatment, please focused on the cheeks, jaw lines and smile lines part:

+ Fast result 
+ No dietary restrictions
+ Minor redness after treatment
+ Can be the solution if you don't want to do botox
- can be done in any part of your body (stomach, arms, cheeks, etc.)

- A bit pricy
- some people will have bruises the next day (for me, no bruises at all)
- some people will have swollen cheeks after treatment
- some people can't handle the pain

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