Friday, November 2, 2018

Skin toned

 Although I mostly dressed up in boyish way, I can't help myself while looking at this pieces hanging on the rack. This flowy easy and light outfit are top & bottom set actually, but it will look like a dress while you wear it one set.

Don't know why, I always end up picking something easy and quick outfit rather than the complicated and heavy one. Maybe age factor?  And I think this dress is perfect for working and church outfit too!
 Psst, if you notice me on IG, I also just too lazy to curl my hair lately 😂

For the shoes, I pick this Lace flats to complete my girly look. And yes, it's very elegant and comfy as the way its look, and affordable of course.

Love how this set give a feminine royal touch, from the ruffles and bow details on the neck, till the puff design on the sleeves. Seems like Kate Middleton vibes!! 😆

top & bottom set - Jolie Clothing
bag - Pedro
bag strap - Kooleet
shoes - Lynelle shoes


  1. love your look
    pretty as always

    Mrs. Aa

  2. such a beautiful dress! You look so pretty.

  3. Love this colour on you, you look amazing!