Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The F thing

 Please pardon my puffy face here 😂 I am not having enough sleep lately and the worst part is the day when I took this pic, I haven't sleep in 2 days, yep, 48 hrs 😝
Very packed in every single week for this past 3 months but I really thank God that I still have my health at this moment. Fyi, it's 4am in the morning while I write this post.

Speaking about online shopping, I know it become a habit nowdays. But have you ever think about scrolling many brands and shop it with 1x payment and 1x shipping fee?
Here is a tips for you, shop from e-commerce website!
What website then? For me, I couldn't thank more to Clozette Indonesia who introduce me to The F Thing. I always came back to The F Thing once I need to search for some outfits. Casual or formal? You choose. Beauty products? Checked. Shoes and men outfit? They have it!
It's save time yet save money, how efficient it could be?

About my outfit, I pick something simple here with earthy-toned color because it's fall season now.
Both top and pants are from The F Thing with different designers, oh how I love shopping on the e-commerce nowdays!

How about you guys? Do you have any tips for an efficient online shopping?
Please let me know on the comment box bellow if you have anything to share!

tops and bottom - The F Thing
shoes - CharlesKeith
bag - Steve Madden

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