Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Sweet Escape to Resort World Genting

Hi guys! I'm back with another short escape trip! This time I want to share about the new face of Resort World Genting that I went there in early March.
Okay so we started the trip from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur, then we had about 2 hours road trip by car to reach Genting area.

First, we were stopping by at The Laughing Fish restaurant to had our lunch before we go to the hotel. As you can see here, they have a comfy-chill vibes around the resto, and there's a small bar too if you want to get some alcohol.

 Oh ya, every food here are quite big portion!
I can say literally every food we ordered comes in a big size!

I told ya! It's Huge!!

 This is the bar I said before, comfy vibes with warm lighting and acoustic singer, what's not to love?

Okay after fulfill our tummy, we are rushing to the hotel and check in, so here's what's catch my eyes inside the Theme Park hotel:
They have both the self check-in and check-out Kiosk, and it's save our time a lot!
Also, the machine is quite many, good job!

As you can see this hotel is super kids friendly, it's very suitable for you to bring your family here for a short holiday!

Okay let's move to the hotel room, and here's a cute decoration in the hotel's hallway

Now lemme take you for the room tour!

 They don't have aircon inside the room but don't worry, they provide you an air-cooler machine and a fan up there.
But based on our experience, we don't use them both because Genting is cool enough for us to sleep with the blanket on.

Toilet and shower room are seperated, but they do have bidet showers in the toilet room.

 After taking some rest, now it's time to stroll around the theme park and trying some fun games!

Please take a note to this rides, IT'S A MUST TRY!!
It's supaaa cute yet a whole new experience for me and my friends, a mood booster for all the usual games after all this time. 
I can say we are so thrilled with the new VR Technology, I can't say much words because it can't be describe here but once again, I say YAASSS to this!!

Having a pleasure GongCha is another blessings! Cheers to that!

Moving for dinner at the High Line Roof Top market, it's a dining experience with the Gondola view, fogging here and there, and yeah, just a nice weather for having bottles of wine and chill 😋 

 As I said before, portions here are huge!! But still cheap compare to here in Indonesia.

The next day, we were planning to go down to the temples and factory outlets to have our shopping cardio, and here is a glimpse of it.

 Everything here are still in reasonable price compare to Indonesia, food, clothes, Gondola's tickets, etc. 

 It's very crowded at the Godola's queue and lucky me, we got our express ticket.
We pay a bit more expensive but that's worth to save our time :)
We tried the glass Gondola too but poor me I'm too scared of heights that I almost pee on my pants,
I can't even open my eyes during the Glass Gondola trip, feel very tense at heart 😭

Arrived at the temples and i'm so sorry that I don't take any photos at the branded factory outlet, too busy doing shopping! Me time detected! 😂
But I can mention several brands that available there such as Fossil, Levis, Charles Keith, Hush Puppies, Super Dry, Michael Kors, etc.

Talking about the rides, here's several capture that I managed to take but i can't make it all, just an illustration what's inside the indoor theme park 💁

 Both 3 of us afraid to get into the Zombie Outbreaks because we heard some screaming from inside, so yeah we decided to took a picture in front of the locket desk 😝 

But we managed to get into the Jurassic World and there was a small room inside that trembled, illustrated that we were being attacked by dinosaurs, it's quite fun too! 😄😄

So that's all for my Resort World Genting trip, if you want to see more videos about this fun trip, you can visit my instagram account @wulanwu and check the stories highlight part titled "RW Genting Malay" 
Thank you for reading guys, see you on my next post 🙌

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